Teenage & young adult group

Every Friday or Saturday from 7 pm the church organizes teenage and young adult groups. The teenagers and young adults gather for fellowship, prayer, bible studies, preparation for Sunday worship, preparation of drama shows for holiday worship services, etc. For more information, please contact us fecgoodnews@gmail.com

The bible studies for teenagers are led by pastor Mite Goshev. The aim of the teenage and young adult group is for teenagers and young adults to grow in the knowledge of God and to motive them to live according to biblical values. That's very important during the teenage and young adult years since those years are most susceptible to the world's sinful temptations.
„Bo`e Ti si mojot Bog, Tebe Te baram; za Tebe za`edne du{ata moja.
Za Tebe kopnee teloto moe kako zemja pusta, neplodna i bezvodna!”
Psalm 63:1
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