Mite Goshev, pastor of EFC “Good News”, has a master's degree in theology and teaches church history and patristics at the Evangelical Theological Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is married to Krasimira Gosheva who is a faithful helper and encourager in his pastoral service. Pastor Mite and his wife Krasimira are blessed with four children. Mite has published six theological books as far.
Bojan and Clementina Petrusevski are leading the singing during Sunday worship. Bojan has a bachelor's degree in music from the Academy of Music in Skopje. Clementina has a high school music education and a bachelor's degree in children's education. They organize the Sunday worship service and special worship services during holidays. They are also involved in the organizing and training of the children and youth to assist in worship, drama events, and other activities.
Dragan Blazevski serves at the church as an assistant pastor. He is currently doing a master's degree in theology from the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Evangelical Theological Seminary is part of the Evangelical Theological Institute. He is married to Lefterka Karamazova and they both participate in the church's worship team. Lefterka sings in the gospel group “Trio sisters Karamazovi” which has recorded four CD's with spiritual songs. Lefterka has sung at many concerts and celebrations in the country and abroad.
Trajko and Dusanka Karcevski host the home group that meets in neighborhood Dracevo and are its coordinators. Trajko serves as an deacon in the church.
Kiril Milcev is involved in the publishing ministry of the church. He is the main editor of pastor Mite's books. Kiril is active in the sharing the gospel, especially among people involved in the social and political life of Macedonia.
„Bo`e Ti si mojot Bog, Tebe Te baram; za Tebe za`edne du{ata moja.
Za Tebe kopnee teloto moe kako zemja pusta, neplodna i bezvodna!”
Psalm 63:1
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