Bible studies home groups

“Love one another with brotherly affection”
(Romans 12:10).

The home environment allows the church to live like a true spiritual family. In the home groups, in a casual way, folks share their needs, difficulties, joys; we pray, encourage, and teach one another. Therefore, the church life throughout the week is organized in bible study home groups in which, through interaction and discussion, God's word is studied and our relationship with God and one another is strengthened and deepened. At the present, there are two home groups in the neighbourhoods of Aerodrom and Dracevo.

Come to fellowship and to study God's word together.
„Bo`e Ti si mojot Bog, Tebe Te baram; za Tebe za`edne du{ata moja.
Za Tebe kopnee teloto moe kako zemja pusta, neplodna i bezvodna!”
Psalm 63:1
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